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Thank you very much for purchasing the True America CD-ROM! Here is the adjunct manual I promised, letting you in on all the savory secrets I harbored while on the road. Because of the nature of my journey, this manual is not for everybody (though everyone may gain something from it.) There are three points which made my trip, and thus, this manual, unique: 1. I rode a motorcycle. 2. I traveled for 19 months on a slender budget 3. I worked as a journalist and maintained a web site.

Chances are, you won't face the same hardships I did (but you will face many others!) and much of this manual will be trivial to you, but scan through it anyway, because you ought to be able to pick up a useful morsel or two.

You will find this manual to be less formal than the site itself (is that possible?) It is pretty much a gathering of notes and thoughts generated while on the road, and I wrote it during the last few months while cramped up in the big city, a place where thoughts don't flow so freely.

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