Good luck, Mark!

"Well, keep your gol-damn head up and don't dump it again, will ya?"
Harry O., Guttenburg, IA

"Keep that chrome up and enjoy the remainder of your road trip."
Lorne, New Hampshire

"Hang in there, I know it can get cold and lonely out there.
We're all rooting for ya."
F. Staugler

"Best of luck on Hogging the Country. Save some for the rest of us."
L.J. Jones, Rome, NY

"Go for it Mark - Good Luck !"
Gwyn Y.

"Take care...ride easy, rider!"
J. Linders, Hot Springs, Arkansas

"Tear along the dotted lines."
D. Grotke

"Drive carefully, simulated motorcycle crashes are really bad ones."
Terry McD. Cray Computers

"God Speed"
George R.

"Watch out for those grain trucks..."
Sue, your E.R. nurse

"Get the shiny side DIRTY!"
J. Petzoid

"Mark, Harleys have a life of their own and dreams of their own! Don't let yours down. No matter what, keep dreaming your dream. In the end, you and your Harley will be changed into what Harleys and men are supposed to be.....awesome beings."
M. Eberhart

"Keep it between the ditches!"
K. Wells

"Keep it on 2 and in the center."

"Be safe and keep the rubber on the ground."
J. Alexander

"Hang in there!"
Myrna E.

"Ride on, ride proud, for you are the true American spirit."
J.D. Tuttle

"Keep the sun in your face and your knees in the breeze!!!"
Bonnie M.

"You go boy!!!!!!"

"Keep the oily side down brother."
Red H.

"Stay vertical."
David W.

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