Glacier on or near Thompson Pass, north of Valdez, Alaska. Those blue discolorations look like maybe geologists colored parts of the glacier as a way to track its movement. Sound good? OK, OK, I have no idea what they are.

A ride around the Kenai Penninsula, in southern Alaska, is a magical journey among stunning and humbling mountain ranges. I stopped here for a few shots, and saw a high school kid looking through a small telescope on the bed of his pick-up. He aimed the glass somewhere on the huge mountain face before us and let me look. Right there, hundreds of feet up, where several mountain goats, practically hanging on the side of the mountain. This was one of the few times when I wished I had more than a 2x lens!

Here's a "Quick, grab the camera!" shot that I missed. A moose was crossing this river, and if you look closely, you can see him nearing the left bank, near the top. I missed that shot, but it's hard not to take a beautiful picture around here. The water looks like tropical, Caribbean Sea water, because it mixes with ugly, gray silt, created when glaciers crush stones. It should look like ugly, gray water, but they just won't let that happen up here.

Shot somewhere between Anchorage and Valdez, Alaska. Nothing special here -- right.

I can't remember which moved me more; the imposing mountain face, the lush, green meadow, the icy showcaps on this warm, sunny day, or all of it.

On the outskirts of Homer, Alaska, where humans fly like birds.

I'm pretty sure these are the beautiful waterfalls you see near Valdez, Alaska, after crossing Thompson Pass. But then, they could be anywhere in this beautiful state.

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