One of the dramatic, nearly whimsical monoliths in the Garden of the Gods, near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This lodge was abandoned, but only for the summer, I hoped. In these days of drywall and "composite siding" and fake everything, I am thrilled to see creative use of natural woods. (Meeker Lodge, between Boulder and Estes Park, Colorado.)

IT WAS FREEZING COLD IN SEPTEMBER here, at about 10,000 feet. I stopped here, for a shot of one of the highest lakes in the country. Man, it was cold.

BLACK CANYON OF THE GUNNISON is one our our newest national parks. The canyon is beautiful, and deep -- about 700 feet. The walls are steep -- nearly sheer drops -- and you stand on the edge and toss small stones over just to watch them drift to the floor.

NEAR CRIPPLE CREEK, Colorado, I saw this abandoned railroad car and had a fantastic moment dreaming about moving in, fixing it up and living like an eccentric near this old mining, new gambling town.

TAKE ONE DEEP BREATH after another, and try to take in the magnificence of this place. Watch the shadows of clouds the size of islands pass by, watch the span of thousands of acres beseech your presence and watch millions of years of history settle into your soul.

IT'S A SQUIRREL, ACTUALLY, looking over the grand mesa of, of a beautiful park called Grand Mesa, in western Colorado. To our friend's right, you can see the winding road which I took to lower myself thousands of feet in only a few miles. I just like rides like that -- it's a guy thing.

TELLURIDE, COLORADO, a beautiful place to live, if not for the incredible view, but at least to be able to say; "I live in Telluride." What a cool name; "Tell-yu-ride." C'mon, say it.

JUST ANOTHER view outside your window, if you lived in Telluride, Colorado.

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