The Midwest*

You could spend a year running around this country, photographing churches. What a great year that would be!

IT IS THE GREAT Mississippi River, and it rolls by steadily, quietly, sending thousands of gallons of water each minute, from America's heartland, to the Gulf of Mexico. And people build large docks which look over the great river, and people stand on those, and look down into the rolling water, and the sun at their backs gives them an interesting image, and they take that image with them.

If we could all just spend a few minutes each day, standing in a field, staring at the mountains. No wonder farmers don't complain nearly as much as they should.

What a magical evening it was! I rode out of Austin near sundown, but could not find a place to camp. I wandered outward toward barren, lonely, flat farmland. From miles away, I could see this church steeple, a lone building on the horizon. I rode toward it as it rose up out of the deserted farmland. Around here, I could only see this church, a few, quiet homes and an old, 2-rooom schoolhouse. I slept next to the school house.

A BEAUTIFUL BOOK could be filled with photographs of signs across America. Here are a couple.

I meandered through central Indiana, photographing covered bridges and looking to seduce a lonely farmer's wife. I got lucky with the bridges, but didn't meet any women.

Just another beautiful day on this trip. This one at the Twin Creek Campground, west of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

IF YOU LIKE OLD tractors, check these out.

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