The Pacific Northwest*

THE WATER IS SO CLEAN HERE, you'd think you were on a tropical island. Crater Lake is unique in that no rivers run into or out of it. I use this as a background on my tiny screen -- I like the little stick in the corner.

If there ever was a virgin lake, Crater Lake would be it. The only things bespoiling it are the tour boats run by the park, and the research boats used to monitor the effects which the tour (and research) boats have on this pristine water. Here's another "clear" shot.

SHIP ISLAND can be seen, near the far shore of Crater Lake. They named it that because it looks like a masted sailing ship -- you have to get a little closer to make it out...

Mount Ranier, less than an hour out of Seattle. Now I know why so many people love to live here.

THEY ARE KAYAKERS and I am but a biker. They float on the water like apple blossoms in the wind, and I am attached to the land and my two wheels. They rejoice in their freedom, yet I float above them!

I DON'T KNOW, but this is either Mt. Ranier or Hood.

FOR YEARS, people have been telling me; "you haven't lived until you've seen Crater Lake!" And I've always wondered what could be so great about a little lake? Now I know, and though I've tried to convey the magic of this place to you, you do not know, and you never will until you see it for yourself, and then you will have lived.

A TRENDY, new product on an age-old island, in the San Juans, Washington.

ON SHAW ISLAND, Washington.

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