IF GOD LIVED on Earth, he just might hang his hat in Provo, Utah. Imagine a bustling city, banked on the east by a stunning wall of mountains. When the sun begins its set, the range lights up. The whole place is dramatic.

Atop the Mokee Dugway, which drops 1,100 feet in 3 miles. This is a great ride.

COME TO Utah, where you can wander to small towns in the middle of nowhere and see huge, beautiful, extraordinary temples built by ordinary men. This one in Manti, Utah.

BETWEEN SUNDANCE AND OREM is Nunn Falls. Why the name? Because the water falls from the top to the bottom. Next question?

ON SQUAW MOUNTAIN, the name of which should be changed, I spent an interesting night. After driving for miles up a very winding road, I discovered a campsite. The next morning I learned about this view of Orem and boy, did I regret not seeing it the night before.

WOULDN'T YOU LIKE to have to ride this road to work every day? (Rt. 95 over White Canyon, in southeastern Utah.)

NO BATH FOR 19 MONTHS, but I woke up to views like this. One of the few public places in which I slept on this tour. (The Koosharem Reservoir, near Burrville, Utah.)

WHAT ROAD ARE YOU ON? This is the one I'm on. Join me? (Valley of the Gods, southeast Utah.)

A view from atop a bluff near Hanksville, Utah.

WANT TO FEEL INSIGNIFICANT? Look at the large boat in Lake Powell, and think about how how incredibly large and powerful our planet is, and how incredibly small and weak it is in this universe.

Somewhere in the Valley of the Gods, southeastern Utah. Somewhere.

PEOPLE AROUND HERE take view like this for granted, the bores. (Valley of the Gods, southeastern Utah.)

(Valley of the Gods, southeastern Utah.)

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