The Western Frontier*

Near Big Bend National Park, in western Texas, Christmas Eve, 1999.

YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND just what they mean by "big sky country" until you come out to Montana and see it for yourself.

A FILE I NAMED "NEBO" and I don't know why, but I think it was in southeastern Idaho.

A FENCE, and a pasture and mountains, somewhere in the west.

A CHARMING POST OFFICE in a charming, little town, with a charming name which I can't remember. Can you?

IT'S A ONE room schoolhouse -- one of only a few left in the U.S. It's in Idaho, but I can't say exactly where.

HOW SURREAL -- even though I remember this town vividly, with it's nearby ghost town, a live theater and a historic main street, but hell if I can remember where it is.

EVEL'S RIVER. The Snake River, in southern Idaho, which Evel Kneivel tried to jump 25 years ago.

A BRIDGE, somewhere. I must have crossed a thousand of these things.

Spires north of Jarbidge, Nevada. Just 20 miles down this dirt road...

My notes say "Trout Lake" but not where the heck Trout Lake is. It's beautiful, wherever it is.

ENJOY THE VIEW, JUST don't ask me where it is.

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