ONE BISON SAYS to the other bison; "Sure is a nice view from here." The other bison says; "Yeah, it'd be nicer if they'd move those damn mountains!" (Near the Teton Range, northwestern Wyoming.)

ON THE BORDER between Wyoming and Montana, is Bear Pass. Climb up to 12,000 feet and see places which never thaw out. The lake, way down there, is frozen over, and it's late June. "People in Hell want ice water," an old friend would say. They should move here.

GO DOWN to about 5,000 feet and the weather is beautiful.


THE DEAFENING ROAR of the river is constant. It doesn't surge, like waves crashing, but rolls on steadily, and reeks of power; unbridled, raw, constant power -- like flooring a '72 Mustang through west Texas until the tank runs dry.

A few shots of the Teton Range, in the Jackson Hole, northwestern Wyoming.

Tiny, run-down shack for sale. Nice view. $4,000,000. Firm.

A stunning, panorama shot of the Teton range -- you'll feel like you are there!

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