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Writer tours country for 19-months to find the "true America."

Mark Gilchrist, of Orlando, Florida, is in the midst of the roving reporter project "True America" which will last more than a year and a half and will have him visiting every state in the U.S.

Gilchrist is not only touring on a 1997 Harley-Davidson ex-police motorcycle, but is writing about the people he meets, posting his articles on the web site When the tour ends, on January 1, 2000, he will have written hundreds of articles about interesting, but commonplace people in every state.

"I could care less about celebrities and politicians," Gilchrist says. "I have found that everybody is interesting in some way, and I write with that perspective." This must be why he calls the web site; "An Uncommon View of the Common Man." Indeed, Gilchrist has written sixty articles since starting the trip in June of 1998 (as of Jan/99). On the web site you will find such interesting people as; a Great Lakes river pilot, a fireworks crew, an antique car collector, a hang glider pilot, a cowboy poet, a bartender, a dog sled maker, a tuna fisherman and, of course, a worker at the Harley-Davidson plant in York, Pennsylvania.

At the time of writing, Gilchrist was in Texas, on his way back to his home state of Florida. He seldom takes the major highways, prefering back roads, with their more interesting scenery and better stories. He is always looking for people to write about, so feel free to email him, at When he finishes this tour, look for the book "True America, a Portrait of America at the Turn of the Millennium" set to be published in the spring of 2000.