Greetings from Maine!


June 15 - 25, 1998

I had a great time in my home state of Maine, visiting friends and getting ready for this trip. About the only photo I have is of Apache, a beautiful, mini horse from my friend's ranch.


The Seven Thousand Mile Dream
Saturday, June 20, 1998 -- Surry, Main
She traveled around the United States on horseback, rode a dogsled through the toughest areas of Newfoundland and was last seen canoeing the waters of Maine.

Through rain, sleet and five-foot swells
Monday, June 22, 1998 -- Great Pond, Maine -
Take a ride on one of the few remaining U.S. Mail boats in the country, as Donna Doucette braves the wind and dodges rocks to deliver the daily mail. It is said that this service was the inspiration for the mail carrier in the play; "On Golden Pond".

Octogenarian focuses on Barbie
Thursday, June 25, 1998 -- Saco Maine -
A lifetime ago, Al Carbee excelled in art school. Today he pursues his true passion.

Like a good Christmas story?
Read Mark Gilchrist's first (and only) foray into fiction, a story about a young man who gets stranded in the Maine woods and learns he can survive most anything.


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