Greetings from Illinois!

(Top left, clockwise) You'll find plenty of this beautiful, turn of this century work in this state - this building is in Litchfield. ::: Illinois is big on agriculture, and there's something about a farm that is soothing. ::: Gas tanks lined up at an antique motorcycle swap meet in Woodstock. ::: A great bumper sticker. ::: Chi-cah-go!

September 25 - 28,
October 6 - 12, 1998

Illinois is a wide open place to ride - just stay away from Chicago. That entire corner of the state is being taken over by urban sprawl. This is where Route 66 begins, or ends, depending on which way you're going.


Making out at the Drive-in
Friday, October 9, 1998, Litchfield, Illinois
From Abbott and Costello to Muppets in Space (soon!) The Sky View Drive-in has been a favorite date for Central Illinois (movie) lovers for nearly half a century.
Delivering the News
Wednesday, October 7, 1998, Chicago, Illinois
There is a great, little newstand at the corner of Halsted and 76th, in Chicago. You don't even have to get out of your car, because William Hunt will gladly deliver.
Harvest of the Heart
Monday, September 27, 1998, Hebron, Illinois
Feeding the world at 3 mph. Mike Van Bergen carries on his family tradition of farming, a heritage that is steadily losing ground to development.
Posted October 4, 1998

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