Greetings from Michigan!

(Starting in the lower, left corner) Reindeer duke it out for turf at the Peacock Road Tree Farm in Lainsburg. ::: Take a ride on the Mackinac Bridge to the Upper Penninsula. ::: Then notice the great wages at the Pulaski Burger King. ::: Look out over Lake Michigan from one of the great lookouts south of Traverse City. ::: Try a pasty; a potato and onion, concoction, wrapped in dough, that was a favorite with minors in these parts - get yours with rutabagas, if you like.

Holding a record no one wanted in the first place, and no one wanted to lose, was Bath, where a "demented" ex-janitor bombed the town school. The bronze statue of a schoolgirl was created by Carlton W. Angell in memory of the 40 people killed in the May 18, 1927 disaster, the worst on U.S. soil until the recent tragedy in Oklahoma.

September 3 - 16, 1998

Michigan will remain fond in my memories for a long time. it was one of the few states to which I had never been, until this trip, and I am glad to have made its acquaintance. I made several friends here and enjoyed riding through its countryside immensely.


The Saint Mary's Blues -
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 15 & 16, 1998,
Along the Saint Mary's River between Michigan and Canada

Join a river pilot as he navigates the most challenging waterway in the world - "It's 98% boredom and 2% terror!"

Becoming Michigan
Sunday, September 6, 1998, Bath, Michigan
Telling Stories in Color.
Dutch immigrant Gijsbert Van Frankenhuyzen
paints a beautiful picture of Michigan.

Horse Power
Saturday, September 11, 1998, Raber Township, Michigan
Ed and Bud weigh well over a ton each and they can pull over seven tons of dead weight right across your front lawn. Give Joe Harrison a call the next time you need that ficus tree moved.

Working Like a Dog
Tuesday, September 8, 1998, Lainsburg, Michigan
Doesn't this guy know what a nail is? Clyde Risdon makes nearly one hundred dogsleds each year and he still lashes them together. Mush!
Posted September 13, 1998

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